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30-sheet posters

30-Sheet Posters

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"Metropolitan Marketing has done an outstanding job for the Division of Recreational Sports at Purdue. The prices are competitive, the turnaround time is excellent and reliable, and the banner quality has been pleasing every single time.

With all of the components that go into promoting an event or program, itís a terrific feeling to send over my designs and not worry. I can trust that the product will be delivered on time and will look every bit as good as I had envisioned it."

Chip Neuenschwander
Purdue University Division of Recreational Sports
 Eco Posters  PE Posters  Lamar Poster Flex Posters
Purchased in quantities, 30-sheet posters can cost substantially less than that of vinyl, however, the life of the product is essentially 30 days on paper posters, and 60 days on Eco / PE Posters. Another benefit of advertising with outdoor posters, is that it also allows the advertiser to change their message every 30 days.

The size of these units can vary slightly by outdoor plant, however a very typical size is: 10'5" x 22'8"