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Bus King Production  Bus King Printing
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"It is hard to stay in an economical budget these days, especially for a non-for-profit! Finding Metropolitan was a blessing to us! Their professionalism and skill have brought us a vividly remarkable quality billboard every time! They offer the rare quality of being available at moments notice to answer any question or meet any deadline. They truly become part of the team and your success is their top priority. You can look, but you will not find better in the business than Metropolitan Marketing!"

Shannon F.
St. Stephen United Methodist Church
 Bus Queen Production  Bus Queen Printing  king kong
Taking your advertising directly to the streets? Bus king and bus queen displays implement the use of advertising faces located on the sides of buses (king, super king, king kong, queen, and mini queen bus posters).

Commonly used sizes are listed below:
- King Kong Size Bus Poster - 108" x 240"
- Super King Size Bus Poster (SKSBP) - 30" x 240"
- King Size Bus Poster (KSBP) - 30" x 144"
- Queen Size Bus Poster (QSBP) - 30" x 108"
- Mini Queen Size Bus Poster (Mini QSBP) - 30" x 88"