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Bus King Production  Bus King Printing
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"It’s rare that you find a vendor that actually becomes a member of your team. Metropolitan goes above and beyond not only as a printer, but as a helpful resource in the entire marketing process. In our dynamic industry it is highly beneficial to find a company so willing to get the job done. If there is a question about a certain detail or instruction, they exhaust all possible sources to find an answer. It might should cliché, but I sleep better at night knowing they are on my projects. I need resources that find solutions and they are right next to me throughout the entire process, as if they were one of my employees!

Metropolitan is a fantastic resource at providing solutions and more, efficiently, effectively, and fast!"

Todd Hotaling
Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino & Hotel
North Kansas City, MO
 Bus Queen Production  Bus Queen Printing  king kong
Taking your advertising directly to the streets? Bus king and bus queen displays implement the use of advertising faces located on the sides of buses (king, super king, king kong, queen, and mini queen bus posters).

Commonly used sizes are listed below:
- King Kong Size Bus Poster - 108" x 240"
- Super King Size Bus Poster (SKSBP) - 30" x 240"
- King Size Bus Poster (KSBP) - 30" x 144"
- Queen Size Bus Poster (QSBP) - 30" x 108"
- Mini Queen Size Bus Poster (Mini QSBP) - 30" x 88"