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 Eco Posters  PE Posters  Lamar Poster Flex Posters
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"It is hard to stay in an economical budget these days, especially for a non-for-profit! Finding Metropolitan was a blessing to us! Their professionalism and skill have brought us a vividly remarkable quality billboard every time! They offer the rare quality of being available at moments notice to answer any question or meet any deadline. They truly become part of the team and your success is their top priority. You can look, but you will not find better in the business than Metropolitan Marketing!"

Shannon F.
St. Stephen United Methodist Church
 PosterFlex  Single Sheet Posters Polyethylene Posters
- Go Green!

Purchased in quantities, outdoor posters can be substantially less expensive than that of vinyl, however, the life of the product is essentially 30 days. Another benefit of paper is that it also allows the advertiser to change their message every 30 days. While paper will still be around for years, many of these units are being upgraded to accept a new style of billboard vinyl, many of which are environmentally friendly and are produced as PE (Polyethylene) Eco Posters.